Fluffy bears and Unicorns

The comedian Trevor Noah on his set about frightening accents explained that the Russian accent sounds like if you want to kill somebody. Indeed, it is a stereotype, and indeed it is from people who don’t understand the language. He exposes funnily that maybe what we are afraid of is the tone and that the Russians you listening to, are just talking about fluffy bears and unicorns. I had a great laugh and it happened to me too.

On the other way, while thinking about my work, I have a lot of fluffy bears and unicorns but these are a bit different.

Fluffy bears and unicorns are the distractions that you embrace to avoid embracing the real problem. It is like the captain of the Titanic seeing the iceberg coming and concentrating on the radar expecting some miraculous change to occur on the screen.

Fluffy Bears and Unicorns (FB&U) are all the noise produced to avoid the real problems such as:

They are a lot of FB&U and I have my own.

Change really matters when you start noticing your FB&U and then ask the questions:

And you, what are your Fluffy bears and Unicorns?



Originally published at https://agilesqr.com on April 17, 2021.



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Pierre Neis

Pierre Neis


On my business card, I wrote Agile Coach. My Agile coaching is an evolution of systemic coaching putting myself in the system and not as an outstanding observer